SID Player - Stand-alone SID file player. 

Features of SIDPlayer:

- Stand-alone player of C64's  music in PSID file format.
- 6502 cpu on the fly emulation by AVR processor. 
- Equipped with original 8580 SID chip.
- 512 KB Flash memory for music storage
- LCD display with song name and author info.
- RS232 connector for music transfer from PC.
- Line out 
- Built-in audio power amplifier
- Requires 9V DC power supply
SwinSID module

SID Player is another hardware project inspired by C64 computer. It is a music player like many others, but can only play our favorite SID tunes stored in 512 KB flash ROM, so you can enjoy listening 64 tunes everywhere. Memory size is enough to store hours of music. Tunes can be changed by reprogramming flash chip.
Sound is generated by original SID 8580 chip ( removed from C64 ) and it sounds just like original C64. 
For easy navigation player is equipped with LCD presenting tune name and information about author. There are also control buttons: next, previous, track control. Unfortunately this player is not fully, because it is power hungry ( 90% of power goes to SID chip ). 

Song list are loaded into memory at startup, then players tries to examine header of first. It gets song information and start address of location in C64 memory, then moves code to specified memory area. Since this time, AVR executes instructions from memory, by interpreting C64 asm code and exchange code to AVR's equivalent. This is just simple 6502 CPU  emulation. With full 64KB memory available for virtual 6502 and  redirected SID's register area to real chip bus. 

This project was made by my friend. For more info about SID player send e-mail to :

 Prototype board is equipped with :
-  AVR microcontroller ATmega8515 at 16MHz with RISC core.
- 64KB SRAM memory - ( 32KB*2)  ( taken from old mainboards ) - RAM for virtual 6502
- UART port (RS232)
- LCD 2x16 chars to display tune name and author.
- Buttons - for play. previous, next, stop
- 82c55 programmable peripheral interface and some '573
- Prescaler based on  '390
Additional chips  '138 '155 
- 7809 voltage stabilizer 
- Flash 512kB -  to store SID's tunes
- SID 8580 - for audio generation