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SwinSID X2 hybrid board with SID chip in C64
SwinSID X2 hybrid board
SwinSID X2 hybrid board
IMG_8137.jpg (350530 bytes) SwinSID SE - original board
IMG_8137.jpg (350530 bytes) SwinSID SE -original board
IMG_8150.jpg (671912 bytes) First SwinSID prototype board
IMG_8136.jpg (240128 bytes) Prototype - AVR processor
IMG_8148.jpg (406403 bytes) C64 with SwinSID prototype in action.


IMG_8166.jpg (479453 bytes) AVR processor and ISP connector
IMG_8165.jpg (454587 bytes) Some buttons 
IMG_8167.jpg (556073 bytes) SID 8580 chip.
IMG_8168.jpg (546246 bytes) Flash memory 512KB.