SwinSID X2 demos (2010-03-02 firmware)

Exoff note
by Jammer
Classic waveforms, lowpass filter
Teh disco
by Jammer
Classic waveforms, lowpass filter, hard sync effects
Mr Marvelous
by Jammer
Bandpass and lowpass filter, hard sync, ring modulation, combined waveforms
Eyes Of The East
by Jammer
Fat lowpass filter, combined waveforms
Break Up

High frequency, strong resonance lead melody

SwinSID X2 demos (outdated firmware)

Flimbo's Quest [1] Intro and in-game music from Flimbo's Quest cardridge game
Phat frog [1] Dual core SwinSID X2 playing 2SID stereo tune. Each AVR emulates single SID chip
Giana Sisters intro [1] Music with 4bit sampled drums on 4th voice. Note that sample playback doesn't modulate voices volume as SID does

SwinSID X2 (right channel) vs SID 6581 R4 (left channel) (
outdated firmware)

Baby jack [1] Music from one of my favourite games
That's the way it is [1] Nice music with filters
Invest [1] Quad speed tune with filters

SwinSID X2 running with MIDIBox
(recorded by Thorsten Klose)

FM sounds [2] A demonstration of the Frequency Modulation feature. Each oscillator can act as modulator and/or carrier. From time to time the pitch is slowly changed while the tune is playing to demonstrate different FM timbres.
Filter Fun [2] [3] A recording made during prototyping phase which demonstrates the self resonating filter
Bassline Fun [2] [3] SwinSID controlled from the Bassline Engine. In the background FM modulated oscillators through a reverb effect.

[1] raw sound output of SwinSID
[2] external effects have been added
[3] StylusRMX based drums have been added