SID and SwinSID side by side
Micro SwinSID and 6581 SID side by side

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2012.11.23 New firmware for Micro/Nano SwinSID
This version has only one improvement: fixed audio muting emulation

2011.07.10 Mega SwinSID prototype on video
My Mega SwinSID prototype is finally working. It can play simple SID music with stereo reverb. It is built with 32bit ARM Cortex chip running at 80MHz. Watch my first demo at

2011.03.11 Nano SwinSID - smallest SwinSID ever
x1541 designed new PCB for Micro SwinSID hardware and called it Nano SwinSID. It has the size of real SID chip!.
forum thread for more info.  

2011.02.27 Mega SwinSID prototype unveilded
Mega SwinSID is a completly new synth module based on 32bit ARM Cortex MCU and 512KB sample memory.
More info and pictures at
forum thread

2011.02.27 Micro SwinSID firmware update
This new firmware brings 6581 filter emulation by connecting B0 AVR pin to ground.
Filter distrortions are still not emulated, only filter cutoff is affected.

2011.01.22 Floppy Blaster with SwinSID video at youtube 
Watch SwinSID playing together with floppy drive here

2010.12.18 Micro SwinSID video at youtube 
You can watch it here

2010.11.21 Micro SwinSID review 
The review is aviable at ilesj's blog 

2010.05.19 First firmware for Micro SwinSID (ATMega88)
- Modified for 32MHz operation
- Hgher 41.6 KHz sampling rate
- 16bit PWM output

2010.04.16 Minor firmware update
- much improved sound of combined waveforms

2010.03.02 Major firmware update
- support for all filter modes (lowpass, highpass, bandpass, notch)
- improved filter resonance range
- added support for ring modulation
- better sound of noise waveform
- improved ADSR envelope
- fixed hard sync bug
- fixed voice 3 mute bug
- fixed startup initialization
- better support for "Fanta in space" sample playback tricks
- stereo split mode with special firmware
- 8bit PWM output on AVR port B0
- code optimizations for speed and clarity

- Fixed bug in calculating filter cutoff
- Released version for TDA1543A DAC

- New MIDIBox firmware with all current updates from C64 version.
- Updated web site with new photos and detailed info about SwinSID X2

- New firmware with improved waveforms, filter and noise pitch regulation

- The new and much improved SwinSID X2 firmware for C64 and MIDIBox was released
- Updated demos section.

- SwinSID X2 was reviewed by Thorsten Klose, creator of the MIDIBox hardware platform. Read it.

- New SwinSID SE firmware released with improved TDA1543 support
- New demo music

- SwinSID SE schematic and firmware are available for download. Check the 'Schematic' section.

- An interview with me about SwinSID project can be found in CeVi-aktuell 06/2006 - German C64-magazine

- Photos of the new SwinSID board was added to the gallery.

- SwinSID2 prototype specification released.

- Optimized code for speed.
- New effect - duty cycle for pulse waveform. (With this SwinSID sounds close to real SID.)

- Mixing with interpolation

- Support for  three voices with 8 instruments and reverb. Added high quality stereo DAC.

- Prototype working in C64 with only 1 voice and 1 instrument. Output is taken from 8 bit DAC

- Idea of creating sound module for C64 and first calculations.